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ECP has the experience and expertise to make your product - or your people - irresistible.

From innovative table-top techniques to luminous beauty photography, ECP works in a wide variety of formats to achieve the look you're after. They're experts with the Frasier and Revolution lenses, fluent in HD, video and 35mm. You'll get the right shot at the right price - with no learning curve for the newest technologies.

ECP's background in documentary filmmaking can help to open up your story, too, offering you an award-winning eye for composition and a willingness to go wherever the best shot is...including aerial and underwater.

Shoot any format HD to 70mm film
Table Top Photography
      Panavision Frasier Snorkel Computer-Assisted Macro Lense
      Revolution Snorkle Macro Lense

Table top Photography makes your product move
      Movie of Product Photography/Stills
Discriminating Glamour/Fashion Photography
      Movie of Model Photography/Stills

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