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EC Productions raises documentary film and video production to a remarkable level of emotion and artistry.

Director Eric Christiansen is an established and nationally-recognized filmmaker with a passionate vision. His work for PBS, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Large format 15/70mm films and more, has been called “visionary,” “surpassingly worthy,” and “thought-provoking”.

Equally at home as an editor or cinematographer - fluent in a truly wide range of formats - Eric's expertise also means there's an award-winning filmmaker's eye behind every decision. His production team is first-class as well, offering you the convenience of total production management, from casting through editing.

ECP truly has the power to move - to move an audience to new emotions, thoughts and insights.


  • Homecoming: A Vietnam Vet's Journey – American Public Television
  • Faces in the Fire- Emmy Award Winner – National Institute of Mental Health
  • PBS's “We're In Business” underwritten by Staples
  • PBS's “Hispanic America” underwritten by AT&T
  • PBS's “Photographing America” underwritten by Fuji Film



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