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Eric Christiansen has over 20 years of editing experience, working in all formats from 70mm to High Definition video. He is a sought-after professional, working regularly for PBS, TLC and others.

Not merely a computer operator with a knowledge of software, Eric brings you a true editor's perspective. His ability to “get his head around the story” means he'll work with any amount of film to find the through-line. His goal is to define your vision and help reveal the rich emotions within your story.

He believes in the “art of the cut,” and looks at your work with a story-driven ethos that brings life to the spirit of your piece.


  • AT&T
  • Fuji Film
  • The Learning Channel
  • Staples
  • Save Our Seas, Tom Campbell, Director
  • The Greatest Places – Large Format Film 15/70mm
  • Discovery Channel


  • Handle all formats from mini-DVD to HD video and up to 15/70mm.
  • Our new HD video online suite expands our capabilities to control and add value to our clients - while maintaining your budget.
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